• What we do

    We are a team of Enterprise Mobility solution providers in the latest areas of IoT, Big Data, Intelligent Cloud and Artificial intelligence focusing on delivering the best-in-class fleet intelligence software for the rapidly evolving customer demands.

    We are primarily into product development; we also go beyond the line and help our customers on other areas as a Solution Provider for the different aspects of the requirement.

    Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions
  • What we solve

    We are completely into Agile, and at the same time, we follow the continuous integration process for our business solution.

    We have a niche technical team who understand and carve out solutions in a timely manner across the verticals of Workforce Management, Asset Tracking, Process Automation and Risk Analysis.

    Business Mobility Solutions

Domain, Our Sweet Spot!

  • Supply Chain

    Supply Chain

    A cloud-based application platform that improves supply chain functionality, productivity and profitability with end-to-end visibility to all shipments.

  • Logistics Services

    Logistics Services

    A seamlessly integrated application to track inventory and manage the activities concerned with the maintenance and distribution of goods and services.

  • Transportation


    Innovative technology with relevant features for the efficient execution of vehicle dispatch and seamless tracking to improve safety and productivity.

  • Trucking


    A result-driven application with a comprehensive range of real-time fleet management capabilities specifically developed for the trucking industry.