The next wave of mobile enterprise solutions

Nandakumar | January 14 - 2016

Mobile technology is one of the domains that is ever growing. Besides, the market for consumer apps is considerably bigger than that of the enterprise market. But, the innovation in this field has never reduced. The number of mobile apps for enterprise are also increasing drastically. Here are some of the mobile technologies that we suggest will impact enterprise mobile development.

Mobile Analytics:

Stream, machine learning and predictive analysis are becoming the next big thing of mobile analytic solutions. The basic business factors like user sessions, retention or engagement, as well as operational metrics such as app crashes, API calls are focused first. A better idea on insights of mobile data are received. Even real time queries for thousands of events  can be executed over mobile data streams.

Mobile App streaming:

The million dollar app streaming market has created a mark for itself in the mobile technology field. One of the biggest catalyst for enterprises to adapt mobile apps would be the extensive streaming of data, content and on demand apps in the most secured way.

Data driven mobile apps:

Displaying and accessing business data in mobiles has become a part of business apps focus. Enabling self service mobile app platforms to combine front end and back end capabilities and producing a secured way to access data in the form of apps.

Cross platform app development:

Apart from native mobile app development, cross platform development has a special place in mobile apps for enterprise. Though the fact is that Android and ios are the main focused platforms, slowly there is an evolution of cross platform development where a new mobile technology stack is  widely being accepted. A robust infrastructure and a simple user interface is what makes the cross platform development.

Deep linking:

The top trending factor in enterprise mobile world is deep linking. The concept of deep linking is nothing but the format to mobile app with particular configuration like the home screen, user profiles, images etc., A specific set of mobile apps can be interconnected for the enterprise and this is done with the help of deep links.

Enterprise mobile apps is likely expected to grow in the coming years due to the real solutions that it renders to specific industries.