Wiki-Spa is a spa-based community website people who contribute their every day activities with Day Spa / Hotel Spa. It serves the people to live in the healthiest and beautiful way. The customers can schedule their appointments and can utilize them worldwide Spa and Hotel whiz is a feature provided in the Wiki-Spa community. Different people identity like ( Guest / Professionnel ) will be given to the customers who are willing to interact their business with Wiki-Spa.


The most preferred PHP framework is used to develop the application. Additionally, the Javascript /Jquery has been implemented.


Wiki-Spa web application is the most challenging service among the Spa and Hotel based business around the world. So, as per the needs and expectation of the customers, the website has been built and introduced to the society.

What We Did

  • The Subscribed customers can create their Wiki-Spa personal page and can post the job vacancy to the users who are looking for job in the relevant Spa.
  • The subscribed customers can promote the Spa / Hotel  / Brand name to the users  who all would like to get benefit throughout the Spa / Hotel / Brand.
  • Sharing the Experience and finding the Spa around the world option will provide the customers more interaction with the website and other end -to- end users.
  • Its a grading system to Spa customers that will enable the huge business and marketing among the people.

Technologies Used



The key benefits upon implementation of Wiki-Spa:

  • The Spa / Hotel / Brand Partners can develop their business in the area of Spa / Hotel Management.
  • The customers can interact with more number of users of Spa / Hotels.
  • The Wiki-Spa customers can promote their spa / hotel / brand name using Wiki-Spa website.