Uniecommerce android application allows to host a mobile site where the user can choose to buy products or deals or even participate in auction. The deals and products are listed categorically with option to search products. The application provides a stable auction feature with secured payment gateway integration. The deals or products can be located on the map with geo-location of the store. The user can post comments or share the deals or products on social media like facebook or twitter. The user can refer a friend to earn some extra income. Uniecommerce application is supportive for multiple languages and currencies. Due to multiple features, more number of people visited the site and sales increased.


Ndot Technologies


The client was seeking for a unique ecommerce solution where he can retain more customers on the site and increase the sales conversion.

What We Did

  • Uniecommerce provides deals, products, and auction in single platform
  • Category-wise listing of products/deals
  • Customization as per client requirements
  • Paypal or credit card payment gateway

Technologies Used



The key benefits upon implementation of Uniecommerce application:

  • Single platform providing deals, products, and auction
  • Category-wise products/deals listing
  • Multiple city listing
  • Secure payment gateway
  • Completely customizable layout and design
  • Multiple language and currency supportĀ 
  • Free themes and installation
  • Newsletter or notification on new products or deals
  • Referral program to earn income by referring friends
  • Manage online auction
  • Increased sales conversion