Udaya Spices

The client was in need of a loyalty program where once the customer gets registered, he or she will get a loyalty card. Using the loyalty card, the customer earns points and gets loyalty offers and deals. Plus the loyalty offers should be easily integrated in the social networking site.


The client Udaya Spices is a well know shopping mall located in Australia. Doing business for more than a decade, the client has know to provide interactive ways and means to enhance the shopping experience of customers.


Creating an innovative and point based loyalty program that is easy to use.Once registered the customer gets loyalty card.Each time the card is used, points have to be generated.Social media integration of the loyalty points.

What We Did

  • Created a point based loyalty program that was innovative and easy to use.
  • Registered customer received loyalty card which generated points when used.
  • Once the customer received sufficient point, he or she becomes eligible for loyalty offers.
  • These offers can also be integrated into social networking sites.

Technologies Used

Udaya Spices Udaya Spices Udaya Spices Udaya Spices


The key benefits upon implementation of Ndot's loyalty program

  • User-friendly loyalty program.
  • A innovative and easy means to attract customers and retain them.
  • Provide them a means to know more about the business.
  • Social media integration of the deals and offers