The basic requirement of the client is to develop a social media app that allows users to share information and remain in touch with their contacts on social networking sites. It should also allow the user to broadcast messages to other users and view those users' messages. In addition to that the app has to facilitate searching other application users and find who are near. Easy presentation of the followers and following list is another particular specification that the client wants. The option to create and take part in polls along with the editing of the profile, password change, etc have to be integrated in the application.


The client is a B2B IT firm who is specialized in desktop, web, mobile related or based services and enterprise solutions. It is nothing but a private firm that is basically established to provide information, innovation, and intelligence in the form of a solution to various commercial industries.


  • A social media app allowing users to share information and remain in contact with other users.
  • Broadcast and receive messages from other users.
  • Showing the list of followers and following list.
  • Option to take part in polls and update the user profile settings.

What We Did

  • Created an app that allows users to not only share information but even send and receive messages from other users.
  • List the details of followers and following list in an interactive manner.
  • Can create groups and invite people to join them.
  • Create polls and take active part in the polls conducted by other users.
  • Option to edit the user setting like changing profile, password, etc.

Technologies Used



The key benefits upon implementation of this application are

  • Easy to use and download.
  • An interactive social networking app allowing users to communicate with each other.
  • Easy to create and maintain groups.
  • Editing user setting in an easy manner.
  • Active participation in polls.