Smart Offers

SmartOffers is an interesting application that allows the users to browse and buy group buying deals using the mobile platform. The deals can be browsed easily by selecting the particular city name and all the deals posted under that city will popup. The deals are also listed based on its priority such as Today's deal, Instant deal, or Nearby deal. The deal offers can also be selected based on the geo-based location. The social media has been integrated with the application such that the group deal offers can be made famous quickly through social media reference. The payment is secured via integrated payment gateways like Paypal and credit card. The bar code scanner has been included with the application which reduces human error. SmartOffers application is available for both merchant platform and end user usage with robust admin panel control and secured login.


SmartOffers is an innovative Blackberry mobile application that allows to post the group deals on the mobile platform such that users can enjoy buying the deals through their hand-held machine.


To post group deals on the mobile platform such that users can browse the deals categorically and buy the offers. City-wise listing of the deals is required to avoid end-user confusions. The security of the money transaction should be ensured for the commerce activity happening on the mobile. One of the major requirement of the application is that is should be available for both merchant platform and end user.

What We Did

  • SmartOffers to post group deal offers on mobile platform
  • Category-wise listing of deals
  • Geo-location  of the deal offers
  • Best payment gateways for money transaction
  • Bar code scanner to reduce human error
  • Social media integration to share deals
  • Separate merchant and user platform

Technologies Used

Smart Offers


The key benefits of SmartOffers application are:

  • Both merchant platform and login for end users
  • Display of deals categorically
  • Today's deal to display the present deal
  • Instant deals to show deals overriding other criteria
  • Geo-based deal offers
  • Display of  near by deals
  • Secured money transaction
  • Social media share
  • Easy contact back facility via mail or chat