Shoppers On

Shoppers On application was developed using Kohana framework such that it becomes easier for the service providers to announce offers to the customers. The list of partners or the shops that provide the ShopOn reward points or cash back offer are listed on the site. The shopscan be searched by selecting the city and area. ShopOn offer can be used only with the selected shops that are partner with Shoppers On loyalty application. Users can locate the shop by choosing the right categories. Social media such as Facebook, Google plus etc are also integrated with the site such that user can share the details on Shoppers On with other users.


Shoppers On is an excellent application that helps to manage the Loyalty program of cash back and discounts for the people who shop using the Shoppers On option. It is very simple to become a member of Shoppers On by giving missed call to particular numbers. Later user can use his phone number id to do shopping and earn cash backs or points and use them for availing discounts with other purchase.


Client was interested in developing a full fledged Loyalty-based system for managing the discounts, cash back, and reward points of the customers. The customers are identified by the mobile number for easy reference. His account should be maintained with details about available or earned ShopOn cash or points as well as spent ShopOn amount.

What We Did

  • kohana PHP framework was used to build the application.
  • Shoppers On loyalty-based application was built with complete features.
  • Mobile number was used for customer ID.
  • For every customer purchase a cash back or points was provided to them.
  • Customer can use the points or cash back option with other shops.
  • Loyalty can be availed only with selected partner shops with Shoppers On application.
  • Partner shops can be located categorically by providing city and area name.

Technologies Used

Shoppers On


The key benefits of Shoppers On application are:

  • Loyalty program was implemented successfully.
  • Users/customers were identified by mobile numbers.
  • Clear 'how it works' detail on site.
  • Earn cash back/points on every purchase.
  • Use the loyalty reward points or cash back on next purchase.
  • List of partner shops categorically.
  • Sort partner shops based on city & area.