Nemmee Blackberry mobile application was developed to meet the requirements of the people who were interested in knowing about near by deals and places using the mobile phone. Using this application, the users could locate the businesses in and around the place. Nemmee also helps to find the events happening around the place. The response time of the application is very quick such that you will be served better.


Nemmee is one of the best mobile application to find the nearest places, deals, and events around the city as well as to locate the business and companies in and around the particular area.


When we are in unknown places, it is very difficult to locate the important places and details about business. We may be interested in getting the best offers in the place and participate in the events happening in that place.

What We Did

  • Nemmee locates the nearby places
  • Deals and events can be tracked
  • Companies and businesses in the area can be located by Nemmee

Technologies Used



The key benefits of this mobile application are:

  • Option to find the important places around the place
  • Beast Deals in the area can be found
  • Events happening around the city can be noted
  • Prominent businesses in that location can be found
  • Quick response time for every search