Live Chat

The Live Chat application for Android mobile platform was designed and developed by NDOT as per the customer request. The Live Chat Android application allowed the company to contact the customers via mobile. It allowed to chat, share image, and send text information. The chat history was maintained which allowed the users to refer back information. Link posting can also be done using Live Chat apps. The main feature of Live Chat was that the application was made secured via multiple procedures thus ensuring the application to be safe for confidential business information sharing.


The mobile platform has given a wide choice for the company to keep in contact with the customers easily thus improving business. Live Chat is one such communication apps that allows to remain independent of the system and rely on mobiles to reach customers.


Previously, the employees contacted the customers on live chat in computer system. There was dependency on time and place to contact customers which sometimes lead to loss of leads due to inability to contact the clients flexibly on time.

What We Did

  • Live chat mobile application for Android platform
  • Removes barrier on system, time, and place
  • Smooth communication with customers via multiple option like text, image etc
  • Maximum adherence to security measures

Technologies Used

Live Chat


The key benefits upon implementation of Live Chat Mobile application:

  • The customers or leads could be contacted via mobile live chat
  • Options for text, image sharing, link posting, chat history ¬†etc
  • Secured application on mobile platform
  • Removes the dependency of clinging to system for communication
  • Fast communication and increased work efficiency