HR Management System

In this system, we implemented the modern HR process such as Monitors and Analyze the Employee’s details (individual or group. Recruitment of Employee based on Department and Designation is adapted. Maintains the Leaves of the Employee.


A popular textile manufacturing group of company in Mumbai, India is our valuable customer who wants solution for Human Resource Management.


Difficult to handle HR information manually. Challenge handling administrative task. Satisfy customers with good design.

What We Did

  • Automated HRMS was provided as solution.
  • Manual workload was reduced.
  • Good user interface was provided.

Technologies Used

HR Management System HR Management System


  • Simple and more modernized.
  • Simplify the decision making process.
  • Maintains up-to-date records.
  • Comprehensive tracking employee details.
  • Improve communications with employees.
  • Easy tracking of EPF related account details.
  • Quick reports.