Hospital Management And Information System

A Hospital Management System which balances the needs of the administrative crew and other support staff in the hospital and allows tracking of every action associated with patient management. Hospital administration being a critical operation, the system had to interact with external hardware and provide real-time updates across all terminals.


One of the prominenthospital which is having wings in all over the country in India is our reputed client and they wants to automate all their hospital processes. The system should be powerful, flexible and easy to use solutions which deliver real conceivable benefits to hospitals. Their administration aim to provide more accuracy and easy usability to streamline hospital administration.


Poor management of administrative crew.Need for real-time updates.Unsatisfied customer service.

What We Did

  • HMIS provides effective administration.
  • Real time updates across all terminals.
  • Better service to customers.
  • Patient information automation.
  • Streamline operation control.

Technologies Used

Hospital Management And Information System


  • The HMIS provides a host of direct benefits such as easier patient record management.
  • Reduced paperwork, faster information flow between various departments, greater organizational flexibility.
  • Reliable and timely information, minimal inventory levels,reduced wastage.
  • Reduced waiting time at the counters for patients and reduced registration time for patients.
  • The indirect benefits would be an improved image of the hospital and increased competitive advantage.
  • Increases the profitability of the organization.