A fiverr website was created using the PHP technology. All the jobs and services are clearly and neatly displayed. Separate menus are created for displaying the latest, most rated and the interesting gigs. There is an option for the seller to post videos explaining about his or her services. Even the option to search for services that users want is provided in the website. The language compatibility consist of English, French, Spanish.


The is a major online micro-job and service provider business. It provides innumerable services for small amount. From whacky and crazy services like giving parental advice, personalized color message regarding the present situation of the client to SEO and marketing business like creating backlinks, etc is marketed in this website.


The client is interested in creating a fiverr website using PHP. This website should display all the micro jobs and services in a clear and proper format. Also there should be separate options for displaying the latest services, most rated services and gigs. Even the website should have video files where the seller can explain about the services that he or she is providing. There should be an option to easily search for services and even language option in English, French and Spanish as per client's request.

What We Did

  • Website created using PHP script.
  • All jobs and services neatly displayed and in separate menus.
  • Sellers can post video files explaining more about their services.
  • Language compatibility in English, Spanish and French as per client request.
  • Easy search option for effective searching of services.


The key benefits upon implementation of Ndot Services:

  • Website created using PHP script
  • Easy display of menus and services in an interactive manner
  • Detail information of each services and their cost
  • Language compatibility
  • Easy search criteria and options
  • Detailed explanation of how the process works