Bridal Fashion

An elegant group buying site was designed for the client in the combination of pink and white. The design below each description made the site look more sober. The main points about the product is also listed in a box separately. The user interface of the site was kept simple for the users to browse through the site easily. The deals were listed categorically and the categories were listed prominently on the main page of the site which the users felt to be easier to locate their deals. The payment gateway integration was customized for the client. The social media such as Facebook and Twitter were also integrated with the site.


The client is from Awkland, New Zealand and wants to share the best with everyone the opportunity to save money and grow businesses.


The client requested for a website where they could post the best deals for fashion, wedding, dine, shop, beauty, and much more. They gave more importance to the UI design and payment gateway integration. They also insisted on peculiar design for the site where the users could spent more time. They also placed request for implementation of all the regular group buying site.

What We Did

  • Categorized listing of deals
  • Customized payment gateway
  • Regular group sites implemented


The key benefits upon implementation of Ndotdeals:

  • Customizing the website with white background giving more clarity
  • Simple navigation theme
  • Best payment integration navigation
  • Deals listed based on categories