15 May 2010

Social media websites have been identified as the potential place for getting information about the user. Businesses and services sector were  happy that marketing of their products becomes easy. There are few standard guidelines to be followed and even the leading social media websites like face book have recently changed
Social media is geared towards reaching welfare state. Communities are groups having similar interests, similar professions are linked by the social network.


14 May 2010

Brand sharing with facebook, the world’s no 1 social network & no 2 in all the web is always an key point for marketers. There are few better ways to promote your brand.
Steps to promote your Brand in facebook:
i) Target your audience with Group, sex, interest & locality
ii) Connect with them using Pages, groups, Applications
iii) Listen to your audience what they speak & how to promote your brand. Its not wise that to start marketing your brand instead of listening.


13 May 2010

TweetDeck is amazingly perfect for social media sharing without any question. It provides complete support using APIs provided from Linkedin, facebook & twitter. I really amazed first with Adobe AIR, RIA platform desktop client.
It has all settings with APIs, columns, enable & disabling functionalities, updates/tweets, type of updates & more.
You can enable all 3 buttons on top it enables all 3 (FB, Lin, Twitter) to post updates.


05 May 2010

You can implement N.Sandwich platform offered by, to get maximum benefit with Social media. You will be able to work easily with social media enabled by Kohana PHP. You can start a Face book application with the Kohana PHP.
This will be just an entry on vendor code snippets. These snippets will add functionality to Kohana PHP application when you are implementing N.Sandwich. It has all the components that will add support to the social media websites.


03 Feb 2009

Social media are web / mobile to share your content across globe. Mr President Obama, Who is the biggest achiever of using benefits of social media. Social media is about content sharing including News, videos, photos & Audio.
There are lots of web 2.0 application providing social media features. Current decade have totally changed human lifestyle than before. Web is everywhere & everyone is sharing information of any kind.