04 Apr 2014

The attitude of people towards surfing the internet has changed apparently with the introduction of mobile apps. Earlier, the end user preferred to browse the web using the smartphones instead of PCs. As per record, 55% of the internet usage occur via mobile. About 91% of consumers check the email on their smartphones. Despite all, the fact remains that native mobile apps are dominating and prevalent when compared to mobile web.


25 Apr 2013

Previously, everyone had a social secretary who sole job or you can say that work was to maintain the boss’s social and personal network. In most of the organizations, social secretaries had the primary task of making appointments, managing correspondence, cultivating the Rolodex, and of course keeping their plugged in patrons updated with the goings-on of their closest associates and friends.


05 Apr 2013

Mobile websites are fast becoming a great online arena for shoppers. There are currently four billion smartphone users and statistics have clearly shown that by the end of 2014 mobile searches will overtake the desktop traffic. Now what it implies is that no matter what type or kind of business you have, your targeted audience or customers will be on the mobile web and you have to somehow reach them.


21 Mar 2013

Starting your day with a koan will be quite interesting. It would be the right thing to pump up your adrenaline and creativity. Especially, if you are a mobile developer, a good dosage of creativity mixed with the urge to create something interesting and popular is what mobile industry is all about. A lot of mobile enthusiastic and application development evaluators feel that the current trend what developers have is creating apps focusing on clients rather than the usage itself.


19 Feb 2013

The considerable progress that mobile medical apps have is slow but a steady one. Not to mention most of the doctors and patients are using them as it gives a control over their work and health care. Every year countless apps regarding health care are being developed and introduced and this is a clear proof on how much importance that mobile technology has on the health care industry.