23 Jan 2015

In an aim to revolutionize the healthcare department and to aid patients to have a direct interaction with doctors leading companies like Apple and Google have came up by developing an mobile application. Today technology is being implemented for healthcare procedure in hospitals and clinics.


25 Jan 2013

Technological advancement has become a blessing for many people and it is indeed for the healthcare and clinical industry. The challenges that the staffs go through in manually fixing appointments, rescheduling them, checking the availability of doctors, etc is a tedious task. At times, to add woes to your worries is when the patient doesn’t turn up and forgets to inform about the cancellation.


27 Jul 2012

Dear Customer,
We are going to launch our mobile application product on next week called “Myclinic”, which is patient appointment application to all kind of health care clinic. It will create more relationship with doctors & patient in terms appointment, new messages about the clinic, appointment status etc..,
Patient can request the appointment from doctors from any where, they not required to go hospital and get the appointment.