Synergy of Social media and CRM

venkatesan | May 23 - 2012

From great olden days when trading came into existence, the wheel of business has always been depended on the healthy relationship between the customer and the service provider. Another important aspect that was playing a vital role for the success of the business was the responding time. The customers expect quick response from the companies. The customer relationship management (CRM) in itself is a vast theory that is under scrutiny and development for many years. The recent invention of social media has given a new shape to the CRM solutions.

The social media like Facebook and Twitter has revolutionized the way people interact and communicate with each other. It is an open platform for socializing with inter-related network of people. The information gathered from social sites are proving to be very useful for the company to generate leads. By integrating the social media with the regular CRM, the organizations are gaining a momentum in servicing the customers better. It has resulted in perfect blending of business activities with personal life to provide a social environment within the work spot.

The social CRM believes in socializing the working environment for better communication. The employees within the organization can contribute more for implementing the system. Since the customers have wide options to contact anyone in the organization via social media, the company should ensure for proper awareness of the employee to channelize the leads and followup. The social CRM demands for building trust with the employees for internal social collaboration.

The social media integration with business CRM solution has doubled the opportunity for establishing communication with the customers. The customers get an opportunity to participate on the product creation by presenting their ideas and feedback through the social media. The opinion of end users can result in betterment of the product. This can also be considered as an interactive research and development process which is inexpensive. This is a win-win situation for both customers and company.

The social CRM is the answer for those who seek a system to build a long lasting relationship with the customers by keeping the employees happy.