13 Feb 2015

White Labeling is concept used where the company develops their products and services and sells it to third party company to brand and sell as their own. This is similar to building a car and selling them to another company and label them as their own and sell it themselves.


05 Feb 2015

Mobile applications are the compact software programs which helps to increase the functionality in mobile devices. There are thousands of user friendly apps present in the market which helps in chatting with friends, booking tickets on upcoming events, interacting with media and number of apps of different categories, each serving their functions. Mobile apps are split up into three categories.


03 Feb 2015

Today a great amount of IOS apps are being rejected by app stores almost daily. Some of the major causes include errors and glitches. In many cases IOS developers have got it wrong while entering a version number and also the API being used. There are numerous set of platforms available to help developers out to resolve these minor issues and getting their app approved.


29 Jan 2015

Today the volume of competition has almost tripled for any business and they have to respond to the continuous demand of the customer on a regular basis. Together with the business they have to forecast for the future which allows them to meet their demands rapidly and effectively.
Many strategies have kept developing to keep the clients engaged in campaigns and to create a lasting relationship.


14 Jan 2015

Mobile Applications are making their unique place among the various IT companies and with the increase in demand many are focusing their attention towards the app development. It is a known fact that mobile application is useful for both end users and companies as well. But today cloud computing is used in a vast scale by the developers of apps as this proved worthy.


13 Jan 2015

PhoneGap is an open source framework used majorly for developing cross platform mobile apps. Here developers use the combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for creating mobile applications which are innovative in nature.


09 Jan 2015

Towards the end of 90’s and in early 2000’s mobile phone usage have been limited to just text messages and phone calls. But now this scenario has changed thanks to the smart phones. These set of phones have given access to people to create documents, share videos and so on gaining a name of a pocket computer.

07 Jan 2015

If you are thinking that mobile apps are only for the brands or the biggies then you are wrong. Today almost all the small and midsize businesses, be it the next door coffee shop have realized the need for developing the mobile app thanks to the advent of the mobile technology.


03 Jan 2015

Today, mobile phones are an integral part for most of the people. None are devoid of them and this lead to the invention of mobile apps which is doing good rounds across several businesses. Mobile apps are now playing a vital role for almost every type of business regardless of their size and type.