02 May 2016

Mobile health promises to enhance care and improve efficiency. However, health care leaders need solutions for protecting patient information shared on mobile devices, ensuring the interoperability of mobile devices with EHRs, and determining which apps are safest and most effective.Mobile devices are becoming as ubiquitous in the healthcare setting as they are in the rest of our lives.


22 Apr 2016

There were days when a mobile phone needs to be charged for 10 hours to just speak a call for 30 minutes. Can you believe this? Yet, that’s true and this is the proof for the fact that mobile industry is getting upgraded. And, we call it the ‘App Effect’
Phones are now inseparable part of everyone. 2010 was the year when apps got popularized to the peak.


16 Apr 2016

Mobile phone apps are no longer just an application. It is just like a track which runs parallel along with us towards our destiny. The reign of mobile applications started and we get our work done in minutes of time. We live in a world where, life without a smartphone is absolutely not possible. These smartphones allow us to install mobile applications which solve most of our life time problems.


01 Apr 2016

In the earlier days, telephones and desk phones where used for the purpose of communication inside the premises of an enterprise. But, this type of communicating is changing. The emphasis is shifting towards ‘mobility’. Yes! Enterprise mobility has changed the way of communication in enterprises. You no longer have inside the office always.


18 Mar 2016

We are in a generation where mobile apps has become a need for everyone. According to the largest conference of the Android Developers at the Google I/O, there has been around 800,000 apps developed by 150,000 developers.  When considering the external research analysts it has been determined that there were around 48 billion apps being downloaded.


22 Feb 2016

Enterprise mobility has altered the way of working in the industries. Business tasks are made simple and time is saved in a great way. Every business is trying its luck in one or the other way to acquire enterprise mobility trends into their system.
With mobile phones becoming everything for people nowadays, the demand of mobile phones seems not to reduce.


02 Feb 2016

If having an in house team is one effective side, outsourcing is another department that bestows its own benefits. Many small and big sized IT businesses hire resources from other companies and agencies for several reasons. Besides, the end result would be to improve business in one or the other way.
Many of the organizations just think that outsourcing saves money.


25 Jan 2016

Healthcare industry is accustomed to  frequent upgrades right from the general medicine to the management of these industries. Its a big challenge to manage this industry as it involves a lot of risks. The latest upgrade of this industry is towards the electronic health care system. It is estimated that there where 9 million members from an Android app who used healthcare services.


14 Jan 2016

Mobile technology is one of the domains that is ever growing. Besides, the market for consumer apps is considerably bigger than that of the enterprise market. But, the innovation in this field has never reduced. The number of mobile apps for enterprise are also increasing drastically. Here are some of the mobile technologies that we suggest will impact enterprise mobile development.


23 Mar 2015

There are some fundamental distinctions between Amazon and Ebay websites. While both are online shopping sites with nearly 200 million users, Amazon is a retailer whereas eBay is an auction site.
Fees and Charges
As an eBay seller, you can list as many number of times you can until you it is sold. After completing the sale, eBay charges 10% of the sale price on a monthly basis.