30 Jun 2011

To fill the gap in social network market Google Tuesday launched Google+ other wise called as “real life sharing”. It is in beta version. Initially people are allowed to join by invitation only. According to Google its social network platform will meet the basic human needs to connect with others. It has improved privacy control.


29 Jun 2011

The leading deals aggregator site raised $6 million. The news first published in Techcrunch. One of the interesting points is that it is going to increase its man power from 7 to 30 by next one year. They are searching for their own office space and have to move from the General Assembly.
Yipit covers 32 cities in North America and lists 335 active deal services.


27 Jun 2011

Today we launched new script Ndot deals aggregator. It is a Yipit clone script. The concept is very simple our deals aggregator pulls all the data from the leading group buying sites like groupon, livingsocial and aggregates it in one place. So you don’t need additional man power and money to run your deals website. It is a complete auto pilot system.


23 Jun 2011

Google has just released the Google +1 button which webmasters can add to their site / blog and enable visitors to give a recommendation to Google and your friends about your site.
Webmasters can get the +1 button code right now. The implementation is very simple and you get started instantly by using this default code where you want the Google +1 button to appear.


03 May 2011

Millions of people around the world receive deals every day in their mail box. Hundreds and thousands of people used to buy some of the deals they like. Every day deals are sent to the subscriber by the city they selected. Due to the huge discount offers, thousands of people every day join the group deals websites to receive the offer.


27 Apr 2011

Lot of people started their own website and waiting for people to come to their sites. The truth is people will not come to their without knowing their website. Even established websites are also continuously promoting their websites. Getting your site listed in the first page of major search engines brings tons of traffic to your sites.


18 Apr 2011

There are more than 70 employees who are there to write articles for Groupon. When a new product is launched in the market people will search about it in internet only. So there should be a lot articles related to that product must be published in order to reach many people. When a team contains well versed article writer it makes your product much more effective.


07 Apr 2011

It is easy to start your business or personal website in few days with the investment of few hundred dollars. But the question is how to choose a right web development company to get your job done. You must consider some points before choosing a service provider.
Purpose of a Website
Suppose if you need a personal website you don’t need a big company to design and develop your site.


04 Apr 2011

A web developer wants to improve his skills by learning new methods and using latest technologies and constantly working towards improve their skills. They always seek new web development resources to support their work and to make work easier. Some of the tools given below will be useful for new web developers as well as experienced.
1.W3 schools
A well organized web development resources site.


01 Apr 2011

Effective marketing is a big challenge for small businesses even it is start up or established one. I will give you some suggestion based on my social media experience to boost your marketing efforts. It is all are basic and easy to follow methods. Before starting social media marketing campaign you can outline goals and time to spend in the social media.