18 Mar 2013

Now if you are a small business entrepreneur, the various decisions that you take can really play a great role in developing and establishing your organization. One such decision is developing or creating a mobile application. There are many ways to do it, but before that you need to know and get familiar with the various advanced development options present in mobile phones.


14 Mar 2013

The importance that smartphones and tablets have, is clear from their extensive usage. Not only these electronic devices, even nowadays, there is a great demand for mobile friendly websites. In case your core marketing strategy is SEO, then having a mobile-friendly website is very much significant.


11 Mar 2013

Are you aware that Nauction, the awesome auction software from NDOT Technologies has gone for a makeover? Recently, we have launched the latest version of it which is the Nauction Platinum Version 1.1.  Known for our innovative and outstanding products and services, we always strive to give the best.

The reason is that we have decided to enhance the user’s usability and interaction.


07 Mar 2013

It is surprising to see the amount of changes and updates Facebook is starting to do. One of the recent update or you can say makeover is the News Feed. The basic aim of this makeover is to make users use the social networking site more often and attract new means of earning advertisement dollars.


28 Feb 2013

The extensive growth that mobile application has made is quite interesting and applaudable. However, the only demerit is that it is difficult for users to find new and innovative apps in the crowded list of application marketplace.
Since there is a huge supply of apps in the market, it adds pressure on app developers.


25 Feb 2013

One can easily see the trend that online shopping sites are going through. Each year, the ecommerce or online shopping sites’ sales are rocketing high and the clear proof is the current trend that is present in the economy. As per a recent statistic that was taken, it was found out that the worldwide sales of ecommerce in 2010 was about 143 billion dollars.


22 Feb 2013

Mobile phones have become an inevitable part of our life. It has become one of the important things that people cannot let go off it even if they try. Wherever they go, mobile phones have become an apt companion for them. The significance it has is so much great that at times they feel something is missing in their life when they leave behind their mobile phone.


19 Feb 2013

The considerable progress that mobile medical apps have is slow but a steady one. Not to mention most of the doctors and patients are using them as it gives a control over their work and health care. Every year countless apps regarding health care are being developed and introduced and this is a clear proof on how much importance that mobile technology has on the health care industry.


11 Feb 2013

It is truly amazing to see the development that ecommerce has bought to the World Economy. What initially started as a small means of selling and buying products on the web, has now risen to be the major means of shopping for most of the people.
Frankly, it is what people have been aspiring for quite some time. An easy means of shopping, where people can buy things at their convenience and time.


06 Feb 2013

Many of us will not be updated about the valuable offers that are offered by Shops and Big malls, To get benifited and know about those offers this application will be adequte to Customers. Customers can save money and also Time by avoiding surfing the offers and searching offers from shop to shop.
Many Features is added to benifit Both Customer and Merchant.