30 Dec 2013

This is one more stepping stone to success for NDOT as it enters into the 6th year in the business since its inception in 2008. The company was started with web based services and today it has versatile of products across multiple fields. Recently the auction product was enhanced with new features like buynow and buysell option which was widely welcomed by the customers.


24 Dec 2013

Online auction is one of the trend-setting improvement in the field of ecommerce. People were able to sell/buy the products through online auction without any dependency on place or person. There were plenty of auction scripts introduced in the market to build the auction website and one among them is Nauction script.


11 Dec 2013

Apps make your life simple. Restaurant mobile app is one such interesting app that can make your mouth water and linger for the taste. Opening the app screen, you may find the colorful pictures of the food or cuisine that you can order which you can get as home delivery or reserve a table to enjoy the food with family at the restaurant.


04 Dec 2013

It was Monday morning and bet no one wants to login into the system to startup for the day until a poster appeared on Stanley’s screen which showed a lazy banana. He knew it was Tom’s work who always nag him with great many colorful posters that can make anyone active and bring the briskness to life.


29 Nov 2013

Websites are your best part put forward to the customers and other delegates. Hence expressing your company goals and performance rightly on the web pages is very much essential to indirectly improve your sales and income. There should be clarity, visibility, and clear focus about your organization expressed on your cyber office i.e.,website.


16 Nov 2013

With increasing population of internet users (34.3%), there is huge scope for internet marketing which concentrates on advertising and marketing using multiple medium on internet like web marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing. Multiple types of tools utilized for promoting internet marketing include e-commerce, affiliate marketing, SEO, Google analytics, Adwords (PPC) etc.


07 Nov 2013

Mobile commerce has created the new trend of ‘tap and buy’ which is also safer in a way when compared to e-commerce. It is estimated that by 2017, the online retail transaction will be double the current numbers. Also the eMarketer estimates that more than 70% of online retail sales will occur on tablets, versus a little more than a quarter on smartphones.


23 Oct 2013

Will you not be pleased with a personalized letter from a restaurant which address you with your name and provide various offers available at the restaurant? Its true. But days have also changed and people have started ignoring these personalized letters and seek more valuable loyalty recognition from the restaurant as competition is very high in the market.


11 Oct 2013

Opinions on social networks like Facebook and Twitter are ruling the retail market. People tend to buy the products in online which is most recommended or liked. Hence merchants combined the social media with ecommerce platform where people like to have second opinion for buying. This new fashion in ecommerce has paved way for establishment of social ecommerce.


23 Sep 2013

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