04 Apr 2014

The attitude of people towards surfing the internet has changed apparently with the introduction of mobile apps. Earlier, the end user preferred to browse the web using the smartphones instead of PCs. As per record, 55% of the internet usage occur via mobile. About 91% of consumers check the email on their smartphones.


24 Mar 2014

Just like the vast world of cinema industry, there are numerous mobile apps that serve different needs of the industry right from clap boy to the movie watchers. Every person associated with the cine industry can find the best apps that would be helpful for them. This also includes the end user i.e., the movie watcher.


15 Mar 2014

Smartphones have become very common these days that people started using the mobile apps frequently for various purpose such as games, utility, healthcare apps etc including ecommerce app for shopping. The mobile app allows to browse the shopping cart and buy the products easily by doing the payments via integrated payment gateways.


07 Mar 2014

Smartphones with multiple platforms are emerging each day where major players include Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows. One of the contributing factor that brings in income for these platforms are mobile apps!
Platform-specific mobile apps are built each day across various industrial verticals such as healthcare, education, entertainment, games etc.


28 Feb 2014

generally, they are to songs that children are most likely acquainted with like “This Old-Man.” Here, a four-year-aged gal sings ” Luther King Had a Desire.” This little-boy sings “We Must Preserve His Dream Alive.” buy finished essays This girl that is buy finished essays little forgets her traces nearly through-but provides heartwarming performance.


26 Feb 2014

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) can provide life saving information at the right time by increasing the efficiency of work and extend care. It can also be very cost effective solution to implement the latest technology for faster access and quick retrieval of data. There are several hundreds of EMR software in the market that one may get confused to make a choice.


14 Feb 2014

Smartphones are the latest trend in the market. Statistics states that among 1.8 Billion mobiles sold last year (2013), 968 Million were smartphones. The increasing number of smartphones have also created a demand in the market for mobile apps development.
There are different types of platform like Android, iPhone, Blackberry etc in the market.


21 Jan 2014

Dining at restaurants should be a pleasure not a pressure. It is very common in restaurant where a waiter may not be able to answer the guest if a particular food is available or not as he has to manually check with the kitchen. There may be situation where there is clash of food availability. The long waiting of customers for food can be annoying.


10 Jan 2014

Change can be the changeless thing in this world and Nauction is not exempted too! It is a privilege for Nauction as it brands itself into a new outlook with the name UnieAuction.
UnieAuction contains all the aspects of Nauction with enhanced features. The new auction script (UnieAuction) allows to build an auction site easily.


30 Dec 2013

This is one more stepping stone to success for NDOT as it enters into the 6th year in the business since its inception in 2008. The company was started with web based services and today it has versatile of products across multiple fields. Recently the auction product was enhanced with new features like buynow and buysell option which was widely welcomed by the customers.