How to Get Targeted Visitors to Your Website?

venkatesan | August 18 - 2011

Web based business are growing faster and more number of people buy products and services online. Millions of people search internet to find information about anything. It is important to get targeted visitors to your website. Having a website alone doesn’t bring visitors to your website.

The reason behind the success of any online business is, bringing buyer to your websites. But that is not so simple. Lot of activities needs to be done to bring the people to a website. More visitors mean more business for you. Here I will tell you some simple methods for the success of web businesses.

There are several mediums are available to get visitors to your website. Forums, blogs, social media are some of the popular medium to get visitors to a website.


Forums are the one of the easiest and effective medium to promote your brand and business online. People are looking for forums to find out the solutions for their problems or make decision before buying anything.

Participate actively in the forums related to your niche. Enter your website in the signature. Whenever you post a message your website link will be displayed below the message. You can also promote your business directly when people ask about a product/service related to your business. Use market place area of the forums to promote your business. Lot of forums allows members to post their service in the market place. Spend few minutes every day in the leading forums and forums related to your niche. You will definitely get more number of visitors and leads.


Blogs are another effective way to promote your brand/business. Blog is a popular tool to reach the people easily. Search engines such as Google indexes the blog posts immediately. People use blogs to review anything, promote products or services, and post their thoughts. You can create your own blog using the free blogging platform such as Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr and Post some useful information at regular intervals to attract. People visit your website frequently and search engines index your blog posts immediately.

Use other’s blog pages related your niche and post comment relevant to the topic. Some blogs allow url link in the bottom of the message or you can submit your website link in the relevant column in the submission form. So people looking into your comment will click it and visit your site.

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