17 Dec 2012

Among the various mobile application development platforms that you have seen and used, blackberry has risen to the topmost place in the IT industry, especially the blackberry application development. Surely it is hard to ignore the fact that the blackberry application development has been the most commonly used and the highly demanded app as it is highly and efficiently designed.


11 Dec 2012

At last, HTML5 has come to enhance the HTML in multitude dimensions. Now handling the multimedia and graphics is so easy. HTML5 includes elements for <audio>, <video>, <canvas>, and even the integration of SVG content. The semantic value of the document can also be increased by the options like <section>, <article>, <header>, and <nav>.


08 Oct 2012

The ecommerce has become the most common business type which has gained its importance over the past decade. Since it takes the business worldwide, it gives the opportunity for the business people to get international sales. The ecommerce solutions allows to buy and sell products over the internet. One of the most innovative solution that made the ecommerce world agile is the group buying deals.


28 Sep 2012

Social Commerce
It is an undoubtful fact that shoppers are social by nature and those who trend in a conscious manner, really care about what others think. So it is kind of important for customer or even for normal people to understand the basic context around particular items. Let it be the popularity of the item or the customer review.


05 Sep 2012

The e-commerce world has seen new heights with the introduction of group buying concept in the market. The e-commerce market which was involved in online buying and selling has slowly changed over the past few years dominated by group buying deals and offers.


10 Aug 2012

Manufacturing industry is a huge sector which has a channelized uninterrupted routines or productions that are essentially important for the proper functioning of the industry. It involves many works which are hectic routines for the manufacturing industry. If any software could replace the whole manual management jobs, then it would be a welcoming hands from manufacturing industry.


03 Aug 2012

There is now almost nil e-commerce solutions which is not sharing a social media. The social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest is shared with the e commerce websites to promote the product or services to reach more customers. The social media has become famous almost in a short span of time, and it has the power to attract more people into the network.


24 Jul 2012

The social media has created a revolution in all the industry by improving the channel for communication. Among the many industry that have benefited with the social media, the retail sector has experienced notable advantages. The social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and GooglePlus have helped to create a community that is helping the retail industry to promote the business.


18 Jun 2012

The changing technologies in the world filled with electronic gadgets, iPad, and tablets are increasing the convenience of the users to enjoy book-reading through electronic media. Infact, people tend to prefer the e-books than the regular hardbound books because of the easy handling nature of the materials.


14 Jun 2012

The iPhone application development is considered to be one of the most money making business in this present mobile scenario. Though there are many platforms of mobile such as Android, Blackberry, Windows etc, the iPhone platform from Apple Inc has scored a clear sweep in the market by monitoring the quality and standard of apps that are developed.