09 Dec 2014

There has been a tough competition prevailing between iPhone and Android and mostly iPhone overtakes Android with quality and standards of app. But there are still certain areas in which Android overtakes iPhone. The Android is one of the widely used platform in the world. Some of the benefits of Android over iPhone are discussed below.


07 Nov 2014

Google Adwords is one of the favorable SEO tool used by most of the organization to promote their products and services. Adwords are paid advertisements which are charged only when a user clicks the ad to read, in other words it is pay-per-click option. Hence adwords are useful for generating leads. Sometimes, a poorly handled adword may not bring business.


10 Sep 2014

HTML5 is evolving each day that it can soon provide functionalities at par with native technologies. When HTML5 was released back in 2008, it was supported only by the Firefox browser. Today, HTML5 is supported by all new modern desktop and mobile browsers. It has become the latest web technology and has become famous especially for mobile app development.


17 Jul 2014

CRM plays a key role in organizing the data of your company such that your access for information is on the fingertips. It helps to build good customer relationship which enhances the sales by providing customized service. The CRM can be applied across multiple types of enterprises such as small, medium, and large size.


21 Jan 2014

Dining at restaurants should be a pleasure not a pressure. It is very common in restaurant where a waiter may not be able to answer the guest if a particular food is available or not as he has to manually check with the kitchen. There may be situation where there is clash of food availability. The long waiting of customers for food can be annoying.


29 Apr 2013

It is important to note that when it comes to the aspect of business blogging, especially in the case of the inbound marketing, it has to fit right to the attract stage of the given methodology. Why? It is because blogs are the best content that make good social media interaction and they can be easily found by search engines.


16 Jan 2013

Blackberry has scored all these days in the market with few of its exclusive features such as QWERTY physical keyboard. But, the entry of touch screen mobiles and smartphones made a huge impact on Blackberry Rim causing a great fall down in the market. Now Blackberry is taking a new form of re-entry into the market with multiple features that is highly expected in the market.


04 Jan 2013

BlackBerry 10 is shortly going to enter into the market which has created huge expectation among the BlackBerry lovers. Fast browsing capabilities, tiled galleries, sharing of social networks are some of the anticipated features that is keeping the market agile. BlackBerry 10 is promising its end users for an effortless typing experience with a touchscreen keyboard.